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I Moved Overseas During a Global Pandemic

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How it All Started Moving to England from Canada So, what’s it really like to move across the world amid a pandemic at 29? Aside from the curmudgeonly and empty existence very much in contrast to the glamourous and vibrant lifestyle I so craved, there is a silver lining to the pandemic and its very real tragedies (and for many, tragedies much worse than my own). The silver lining is, you can rise from the ashes and be whoever you want to be and reinvent yourself, because the rules and expectations are still being redefined and re-written by this new way of life in a post-pandemic world. On the precipice of my 30th birthday and just before my ‘youth’ (as defined by the Youth Mobility Visa) ran out – I did the unthinkable and moved to London, England, during a global pandemic to start a new life…

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